Drass , Ladakh

  • Brace yourself for some of the most enthralling views of your life when you visit the second coldest inhabited place in the world called Drass in Ladakh. Drass is boasted of its rugged landscape that is a paradise for adventure lovers. The picturesque locales of Drass offer a stunning view of the nearby villages and mountains to leave you speechless.

    Tourists here can enjoy many enterprising activities like trekking yo Manman Top to witness the breathtaking view of Drass Valley with the Line of Control. Some of the major attractions of Drass are the natural beauty in the isolated villages of Dongchik and Laser La. History lovers here should visit the Brigade War Gallery and chat with the friendly locals to know more about their history and culture. 

    Highlights: Drass is often referred to as The Gateway to Ladakh and is renowned for an unparalleled natural spectacle as it comprises of small streams surrounded by the mountains. 

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit Drass is during the summer months till September. Winters are not preferred to visit as there is heavy snowfall at that time. 

    Location: Dras, Kargil District, Jammu and Kashmir

    Distance from Leh: Drass is about 280 km away from Leh.