Gata Loops , Ladakh

  • One of the most enticing tourist attractions for tourists travelling on the Manali Leh Highway, Gata Loops is a series of twenty-one hairpin bends leading to the third highest pass called Nakeela. The place is known for its steep roads and is a must visit for adrenaline seekers.

    With its scintillating location and the magnificent scenery, Gata Loops is a wonderful retreat to test your spirits. With many enthralling sights and a number of myths associated with it, Gata Loops is an exciting visit if you want to overwhelm by some awe-striking views of snow covered peaks and the lovely landscape. 

    Highlights: One of the popular myths that are associated with Gata Loops is that there is a presence of a ghost on the road that disturbs the travellers on the road if they don’t pay tribute to it. So whenever people pass through this route, they shower their offerings in the form of mineral water and cigarettes to the ghost who is supposed to dwell in a small hut. 

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit Gata Loops is during the summer months. 

    Location: Gata Loops, Leh-Manali Highway, Jammu and Kashmir

    Distance from Leh: Gata Loops is at a distance of 226 Kilometers from Leh.