Hemis National Park , Ladakh

  • If you want to catch a sight of the elusive snow leopards, Hemis National Park is the place where you should set your GPS to. Located in the Trans Himalayan region of Ladakh, Hemis National Park is one of the most wonderful places for wildlife lovers in Ladakh. With about 30 to 50 snow leopards, Hemis National Park offers some thrilling sights to all the tourists. One can also spot other animals like wolves, red foxes, blue sheep, mountain goats, bharals etc. In the midst of the barren terrain, Hemis National Park is an enthralling retreat for nature lovers in Ladakh. 

    Highlights: Hemis National Park is renowned as one of the prestigious snow leopard reserves under a Central Government project to conserve the endangered species in their natural habitat. 

    Best time to visit: It is advisable to plan your trip to Hemis National Park only during the summer months preferably from April to June. If you are interested in spotting animals, the months of September to June are the best. 

    Location: Hemis National Park, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

    Distance from Leh- Hemis National park is about 40 km away from Leh.