Hunder , Ladakh

  • Famous as a breathtaking expanse of cold desert near the Nubra Valley, Hunder is a wonderful escape from all the usual places of tourism in Ladakh. After gaining an entry from the Indian army after passing Khardung La, Hunder can be visited to witness the enchanting scenery near the Siachen glacier and the India-Pakistan border. With sand dunes and a rugged landscape, Hunder is a sight to witness if you are looking to soothe your eyes in the best possible way.

    The most prominent activity to enjoy here is the camel safari on bactrian camels which are double humped camels and endemic to Central Asia. Hunder is most famous for giving a glimpse of the interesting culture of Hunder people. Along with the famous safari on double humped camels, Hunder is famous as the festival of Hunder where one can see Cham dance, traditional arts, sports etc.

    Highlights: Hunder is known for attracting tourists during the festival of Hunder that is celebrated with much fervour and gaiety at Diskit Monastery. Visiting Hunder during this time is a great way to appreciate the local culture with Cham dance, traditional arts, sports etc. 

    Best time to visit: The best time to visit this place is from the month of June to August.

    Location: Hunder, Jammu and Kashmir

    Distance from Leh: Hunder is located at a distance of 160 kilometers away from Leh.

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