Lamayuru Monastery , Ladakh

  • One of the most famous Buddhist monasteries, Lamayuru Monastery is one such place in Ladakh that you really must not miss out on visiting. With a number of legends associated to it, it is often considered to be the oldest and the largest monastery in Ladakh.

    In the midst of barren mountains, Lamayuru Monastery is home to more than 150 monks and ages back to the 10th century A.D. The place boasts of a great collection of artifacts, wall paintings, statues etc and attracts visitors whether they are looking for spirituality or are just casual tourists in Ladakh. The peaceful ambience and the beautiful locales of Lamayuru Monastery is something that will take your breath away.  

    Highlights: One of the major attractions of Lamayuru Monastery is the festival of Yuru Kabgyat. This is one of the most spectacular two-day festival that will give you a glimpse of the resplendent Ladakhi culture. 

    Best time to visit: The months from June to September are the best time to visit Lamayuru Monastery. 

    Location: Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

    Distance from Leh: Lamayuru is located 107 kilometers west of Leh