Markha Valley , Ladakh

  • Markha Valley, boasting of an arid cold desert is one of the favorite treks for people visiting Ladakh. Crossing through the picturesque landscapes replete with wildlife and many vibrant Buddhist villages, Markha Valley trek is one of the most celebrated treks for adventure lovers to get a respite from mundane activities.

    It boasts of having many remote locations on the way and often called a ‘tea house trek’. It is a great trek for those who are looking for some challenging treks in Ladakh as it passes through some steep cliff and deadly moraines. Some of the popular places which you can cross on Markha Valley trek are Rumbak village, Yurutse and Hemis National Park. 

    Highlights: Markha Valley is known to offer a thrilling trek for wildlife lovers. The trek passes through a number of wonderful places like Hemis National Park and the Rumbak Valley where one can spot a number of wild species like Snow Leopard, lynx, Ladakhi Urial (a type of goat), Arghali (great Tibetan sheep), Blue sheep, Red fox, Tibetan wolf, Dhole (wild dog), Marmot and Mountain hare

    Best time to visit: The most preferred time to plan a visit Markha valley is from June to Mid- October.

    Location: Markha Valley, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir