Sangam Point, Ladakh

  • Boasting of an immaculate landscape that is nature's handiwork, Sangam Point is one of the most gorgeous places you will come across when you are in Ladakh. It is famous for being the point of confluence of Zanskar river and Indus. The merging of the muddy waters of Zanskar with the azure waters of Indus is an enchanting sight for all the travellers.

    The best view of the confluence can be witnessed from NH 1 and one can also reach down to the river from here if they want to have a closer sneak peek. Seeing the two contrasting rivers meet at the Sangam Point is an interesting sight. Some of the activities which you can enjoy here are boating which is quite memorable as you ride through the glistening waters. 

    Highlights: Sangam Point is best known to offer an enthralling landscape as one can see the confluence of two rivers. The place is hailed to be one of the must visits for all the nature lovers when they are on a vacation in Ladakh. 

    Best time to visit: The months from April to September are the best to visit Sangam Point. 

    Location: Sangam Point is located at National Highway 1 on the way to Srinagar. 

    Distance from Leh: Sangam Point is at a distance of 4 kilometers from Leh.

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