Turtuk , Ladakh

  • Often referred to as the 'village divided by a border’, Turtuk is one of the tourist attractions in Ladakh that boasts of an interesting history. It is the last major settlement before the Line of Control and was under the administration of Pakistan before the 1971 war. 

    Beyond the Turtuk village, one can see the Gilgit Baltistan region controlled by Pakistan. The serene place was opened for tourism quite recently in the year 2010 and promises a wonderful visit for all the adventure seekers. The village has a picturesque setting and cut off from the outer world to the extent that it is the perfect getaway to seek solace in solitude. 

    Highlights: For those who seek a respite from crowds can seek seclusion at places like Turtuk. Encompassed by the glory of Karakoram mountains, Turtuk offers an exhilarating trek opportunity from nearby villages. Often cited for its untouched beauty, Turtuk is famous for its deserts and rocky roads. 

    Best time to visit: The most ideal time to visit Turtuk is during the summer months from April to September.

    Location: Turtuk, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir

    Distance from Leh: Turtuk is at a distance of about 200 kilometers from Leh.