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  • 01Stok Kangri Trek 2018, Ladakh

    Stok Kangri Trek 2018, Ladakh
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    About the Destination:

    A well-known and quite attractive trek is Stok Kangri Trek in Ladakh with thrilling trails going through very charming pathways till the high altitudes and provides us with the enjoyable view of the Himalayan peaks in a spectacular way. Untouched land of green valleys, intensively protected by the snow-clad towers of the Himalayan Ranges can be the exciting host of your trek to Stok Kangri.

    Considered to be one for experienced trekkers, Stok Kangri is more than just a great summit. It is a popular 20500 feet high peak which is the highest trekkable summit in India that attracts beginners and amateurs equally though the trekking trails are not so friendly. When it comes to winter, Stok Kangri starts embracing beauty unlike any other high altitudes. From the summit, you will see the whole of Zanskar and the Indus Valley very clearly.

    In the recent years, the trek gained so much popularity due to the number of people coming to achieve the great height after overcoming the trails with many ridges and sudden changes in the landscape. The magnificent serenity is the only reason that keeps people attracted to Stok Kangri after the exotic view of the peaks around.


    About the Trek:

    A nine day Stok Kangri trekking package is at your finger tip now fir those who wish to marvel at the untouched nature. It starts when you reach Leh on the first day and remember, acclimatization is the crucial part of any Ladakh trek because the change in altitude may affect your body adversely. Especially when you are prepared to do Stok Kangri trek, then this is mandatory. 

    Begin your expedition with a visit to the tiny beautiful Stok Village- observe the rustic life kept away from the clutches of commercialization and modernization. Chang Ma being the destination for the start day of the trek to Stok Kangri, it would be giving you the proper welcome. Staying here will give you the memorable moments of your life- incomparable ones. The whole trek passes through the barren grey landscape of Ladakh. Mankhorma, the Base Camp and the training days are the next targets on the expedition. 

    The walk across many landscapes and streams lead you to the destination that is Stok Kangri. The trekking trail gives you enough challenges through the multiple glaciers and steep slopes until you reach the summit ridge. And be sure that you keep yourself energetic to trek for around 9-12 hours every day on an average and then only the dream like Stok Kangri trek becomes fulfilled. After completing the trek, you will be returning through the same route and reach Leh and wind up the exotic expedition with plenty of good memories.

    Quick Facts:

    Temperature: The temperature varies from -20 to 10 degrees. Please keep in mind that the above information is not exact and does not account for sudden changes.

    Trekking Distance:  40km

    Maximum Altitude: 20,100 F

    Difficulty Level: DIfficult 

    Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh


  • 02Chadar Trek Frozen River Zanskar Trek 2020

    Chadar Trek Frozen River Zanskar Trek 2020
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    Available Group Departure for 2020:

    January: 15,16,18,19,20,21,22,24,25,26,29,31
    February:  1,2,3,7,10

    Quick Facts:
    Temperature: -5 to -15 degrees (during the day) and -20 to -30 degrees (during the night)
    Trekking Distance:  62 km
    Maximum Altitude: 11,123ft
    Difficulty Level: Difficult 
    Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

    Our Exclusive: (Available only to trekkers who have booked with us)
    Option to change the tour plan:
    Till day 3, if you feel that you can’t do this trek or the Govt. bodies declare you unfit for the trek, don’t get disheartened as the first 5 trekkers from the group can opt for an alternate package “Flavour of Ladakh” at no additional cost.
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    About the Destination:

    Chadar Trek to the frozen river in Zanskar Valley is an extremely challenging due to the climatic conditions yet glamorous trek because of the seamless glacial beauty covering the whole region. It has been widely acknowledged and many travel magazines and platforms have described the challenges and the worth of Chadar Trek in many ways. Those who have experienced Chadar glaciers would return with a halo of achievement as it is one of the greatest treks in India.

    This trek is going to be a visit to a completely frozen river in Ladakh. Often the trekking trails will be hindered due to the ice but there will always be another way to forge alternate trails through snow covered regions letting each trekker reach the river. The ice sheets are stable at the riverside and thus the trekking would be manageable. The dropping temperature, the spine-chilling ambience, the beautiful white crystalline-kind river, marvelous campsite, caves, sledges and many other features near Chadar are the contributing factor for its acceptance.

    It would be rather an honour to do this unique trek especially from January till March when the ice cover would the most stable and offering you the best moments closer to nature. The walls near Chadar are almost vertical with a height up to 600 meters and the overall distance a trekker would cover will approximately 205 kilometers with 16 kilometers per day on an average.


    About the Trek:

    The great Chadar Trek begins when you reach Ladakh and spend one day for acclimatization. You will get ample time to explore the regions in Ladakh and visit the mind blowing sights like Shanti Stupa and other monasteries nearby. The first leg of the trek will happen afterwards with a journey to Tsomo Paldar and then to Gyalpo. The stunning campsites have a start here with unimaginable support from the exciting nature as well.

    As you continue walking across the Zanskar Range, you will find the trek gaining more seriousness and challenges. Dibb Cave is the major attraction you come across on this stretch of the trek. It would be a great opportunity to amble along the extremely captivating sights on your way to another beautiful village called Nyerak. Frozen waterfalls, the multiple snow-capped mountain views and the atypical attractions will accompany you throughout.

    Once you finish walking along the frozen river by watching all the enlightening visuals in the surroundings, then it is time to get back to Tibb Cave and then to Shingra Koma. This is another pretty campsite with so much happiness to offer. On the last stretch of Chadar trek, you will be returning to Leh and then the days are at your disposal. If you would like to spend more time exploring Leh and its culture, then you are completely free to do that.

    Do's and Dont's on Chadar trek

    Do’s of Chadar Trek
    - Needless to say that one should inform one’s family before coming for this trek, so in case of any emergency, they can come for help.

    - The temperature extensively drops down in the region. Therefore, it is advisable to keep warm clothes and shoes at hand. The shoes should also be waterproof.

    - As there won’t be any pharmacies on our trek, please do carry required medications and a first aid kit, in case of any bruises or cuts.

    - The area of this trek has hardly any shop to stop for food or drinks, hence it is advisable to carry water and energy giving food like energy bars and other eateries to be had at regular intervals. We also travel with plenty of water.


    Dont’s of Chadar Trek

    - It is the responsibility of every trekker to maintain the serenity of the surroundings. Thus, one should not litter anywhere and spoil the magnificence.

    - The wonderful waterfalls should not be contaminated by the use of shampoos and soaps. Thus one should avoid using them. The local habitat tribes use this water for drinking purpose so one should keep it as clean as one expects its drinking water to be.

    - When meeting monks or other locals on the way, pinpointing is not advisable as they make take offense.

    - Respect the serenity of the shrines and thus one should never disturb the monks or prayers in the monasteries on the route.

    - Trekking in the Frozen River is certainly a difficult task and thus, one should not try to be over-smart. Following the tips and guidelines is a must to carry out this trek safely.

  • 03Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh 2018

    Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh 2018
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    About the Destination:

    The Markha Valley trek is fondly called as tea house trek since the trekkers coming here would get parachute tented accommodation in almost all the villages. Markha offers trekking through an arid cold desert that belongs to Ladakh only where people from all over the world come to indulge in adventure every time.

    For the hard core nature lover, the Zanskar and Ladakh ranges are the best option. You will come to see the 21000 feet Kang Yissay and 20086 feet Stok Kangri peaks as you gain the altitudes. Hemis National Park, Gandala La and Kongmaru La are the promising attractions one gets while taking Markha Valley trek route. 

    There will be something most exciting awaiting your arrival and that is the waist deep river crossing across the beautiful Markha River to reach the trails to Buddhist villages and rock structures. Markha Valley is situated very close to Leh and it is the highlight of this trek too.

    Markha Valley trek gives you enough days to get acclimatized in Leh since the higher altitude may offer you drastic changes in the body. Get amused by the centuries old Buddhist culture, the remnants of old royal buildings and the perfect scenery that could be absorbed from the cliff tops while you are wandering around the influential town of Leh.

    The greatest adventures include crossing the mighty Ganda La (4800 m) to reach the winsome Markha Village that is laced with green fields and willow trees and has barren mountains in the backdrop. It will be in your heart forever with more memories created at the campsites near gushing streams, with the unimaginably beautiful views of Kangyatze Peak and so on.


    About the Trek:

    A Markha Valley trekking package extending up to nine days will be a valuable time you get to spend amidst serenity without fail. When you arrive in Leh, you officially kick start the trek. Spend one or two days to get familiarized with the climatic conditions there before you begin the actual trek. Enjoy one or two days of sightseeing in Leh which would enable you observe the different culture of the town and get chances to meet the locals as well.

    The trek starts with a journey to Yurutse, the first camping destination and Markha becomes closer. Catch the impressive glimpses on your way from Yurutse to Ganda La filled with steep ascents and it offers the magnanimous visuals of Zanskar Range and the distant summits arrayed on the Himalayas. A confluence of rivers at Skiu has everything to steal everyone’s heart in no time.

    From Skiu, it is just a 6 to 7 hours trek until Markha after moderate climbing through the long unwinding trails. Several hindrances are to be crossed including streams and boulders but the treasure trove situated in the middle of the cold arid region, Markha is worth shedding tears and sweat. Green fields, willow trees and quaint villages are seen from the top of Markha Valley, more beautifully. Grab the opportunity to catch the established views of Kangyatze Peak from the top along with the views of Markha. Nimaling, Kongmaru La, Sumdo and finally Leh- this would be the route you take to return to the vibrant Leh to conclude the trek.

    Markha Valley Trek Highlights:

    - Markha Valley is one of the most alluring region located in Ladakh with the support of pure greenery and streams. Make use of this appropriate chance to wander around the secluded place and dive into the comforts offered by the valley.

    - Markha Valley trek takes you to enjoy the unexplored beauty of Hemis National Park as well as the two most important passes named Gandala la and Kongmaru La located at a height of about 15748 feet and 17060 feet respectively.

    Quick Facts:

    Trekking Distance:  75km

    Maximum Altitude: 16,830ft

    Difficulty Level: Difficult 

    Airport: Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport, Leh

    Base Camp: Spituk